On the Move, for real this time.

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Begin Again.... Blog Home On the Move..

That seemed to go well. It still can’t download the category list, but I can deal with that.

Now, the last entry, while written on my iPaq (with Targus keyboard), wasn’t really done “on the move”. I was actually in my living room. However, I’ve corrected that now. I’m on the train to work (using a trade paperback book as a desk as the targus needs to sit on something flat.) Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to use my daily commute to write this blog. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll have something to say, other than banalities about where and on what I’m writing. I’m still not in love with PocketMT. Besides things like category list problem (caused, no doubt, by this being designed for Movable Type blogs, and I’m using it on a dotText blog), but the most annoying this is that it’s a pure PocketPC app – It has no desktop component. This means to post a message that one’s written off-line, one must sync to the desktop, and while connected, start PocketMT and tell it to publish the pages. I think a more sensible design would be move the web services handling to an ActiveSync component, so that it it would publish automatically upon syncing. The current method is useful if one has on wireless connection to Internet their PocketPC (but if they do, why would they need an offline writer ), but my idea would be best for the majority of PocketPC users whose Internet connection is through their desktop. (Music: I’m not listening to anything right now – don’t want to stress the iPaq too much, but the guy on the seat next o me is watch Amilie on the DVD player on his iBook)