MVP Summit, Day 0.5

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The real MVP summit starts tomorrow (The first bus leave the hotel at 6:30!!), but today they had the registration at the Washington State Convention Center. We went to one room, where they looked up our names, and handed as a bag, and then we went upstairs to a different hall, where there was food and a lot of kiosks where Microsoft showed off some of their new stuff.

So, let’s get to the important part — What was the swag?

In the bag was a three ring binder, fill with agenda details customized to me; an MVP-logoed Pen; an MVP-logoed travel clock/lcd calendar/calculator, and an MVP-logoed bowling shirt (I now have enough MVP-logoed shirts to where one throughout my stay in Seattle). When we got to the expo hall, one kiosk was handing out logoed “Jelly Cell Mate” pads (“magically hold a cell phone, pda … to your dash without magnets or adhesives”, and another (if you signed a form) gave out an “MVP Toolkit”: A nice pen, a penlight flashlight, and a tire pressure gauge, all in a hard-shell case.