MVP Summit, Day 3 & the Pink Door.

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On the third day of the Summit, the MVPs met with the Product teams at Microsoft for whichever product they support. That means I met with the folks on the C++ Team, who told me all about what’s coming up in the next version of Visual Studio. In other words, I was told a lot of things which I can’t tell you, by people who’s names you won’t recognize.

Afterwords, the summit was officially over, so we were on our own for a meal for the first time since Sunday evening. A group of us met up and wandered around town looking for a place to eat. In the downtown area, a lot of the businesses just close up at 7pm, so we ended up in Pike Market. We passed by a restaurant called “The Pink Door”. When I was with a different group on Sunday, Robert Scoble’s wife Maryam had suggested it, but we were there at 2pm, and they didn’t open till 4pm. Now, it was open, and we tried it. — Excellent food and an “eclectic” environment (They have a trapeze artist performing over ahead as you eat). (As Carl Daniel put it, “I can’t imagine Steamed Spinach being excellent, but this is excellent”). Last year, after the opening party, a group got together to go to a sushi place — a large enough crowd that they took over the entire resturant. We were thinking we might try arranging the same thing next year’s summit at the Pink Door (On Sundays, they have a caberet

Photos of the summit et al, are in the gallery, "Seattle 2004"