ESTAFest 2005, Day 3

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OK, Let’s try this again (The first one got eaten by the system) Sunday was the Closing Brunch and Awards ceremony. Here are the winners:

###Merit Awards (sort of like “Honorable Mention”)

  • Ensemble Acting: Liz Keifer & Cat Guthrie, Going to the Chapel, NY
  • Ensemble Acting: Edd Miller, Duncan Hood, Dianne Hood, Nick Beschen, Susan Struve, Between Mouthfuls, MD
  • Individual acting: Judith A. David The Art of Self-Defense, DE
  • Individual acting: Ruth K. Brown The Art of Self-Defense, DE
  • Direction: Edd Miller, Between Mouthfuls, MD</LI></UL>

###Outstanding Achievement (aka, the top prizes)

  • Set Design: Between Mouthfuls, MD
  • Production Design: February 14th, PE
  • Stage Manager’s Award (tie) Between Mouthfuls, MD & Going to the Chapel, NY
  • Props: Xphiles Unrequied MD
  • Costumes: Xphiles Unrequied MD
  • Original Script: Bob Bartlett, Xphiles Unrequied MD
  • Direction-Bob Bartlett, Xphiles UnrequiedMD
  • Lead Actor-Robert Heinly & Adam Barndoa, Xphiles Unrequied MD
  • Lead Actress- Emily Grace Murray, Proof, NJ

  • 2nd Place: Proof, Triple Threat Foundation for the Arts, NJ
  • 1st Place, Xphiles Unrequied, Hard Bargin Player, MD