Death Forecast

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#James’s Death Forecast: It is estimated that you will die at the age of 77 Years Old

However, after I filled that out for myself, I tried it for my father (who died 2000 at age 71). It predicted he would live to be 87.

Which brings up two questions: Why was it so wrong about my father? And does it say I’ll die 10 years sooner that dad did ?

The first can be written off as “just one of those things – they can’t be perfect about every one” (I’m sure it would be even further wrong about my mother, who died of cancer in 1987 at age 54). So, let’s concentrate on the second question.

Now, if we eliminate the differences between the two tests where the selection I picked for dad was clearly the “die sooner” choice (i.e., he smoked, I don’t), we have:

  • Dad was married (twice in fact), I’m not.
  • Dad drove to work while I take a train.
  • I get less sleep at night.

I’m not even sure if #2 is a die sooner or die later choice. So, is marriage and sleep that much more important in life expectancy than not smoking, low blood pressure & weight.