Rev. Billy Videos!

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One of my favorite activists (hmm… That’s a strange way of putting it) is the Reverend Billy, leader of the Church Of Stop Shopping, who preaches about the evil of commercialism, along with the Church’s Gospel Choir (who sing about said evils). (Billy, his wife Savitri, and several members of the choir are also friends of mine).

Here are some videos of them I shot with my digital camera.

The First Amendment, sung by Sister Laura:

Sister Stefani (spelled right here, but not on the video) sings “Lover or Logo” (The guitarist is Brother William Moses, who wrote this sing and the next)

“Back Away From the Product” sung by Brother Derrick

And finally, The Reverend himself, preaching (Savitri was sitting next to me, and you can occasionally see a bit of her hair at the bottom of the frame)