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My friend Chris is, like me, a staunch Democratic. Unlike me, he’s also an incredible pessimist. In 2006, he made what he called his “optimistic” prediction for the midterm election: The Democrats would gain 3 Senate seats, 10 house seats, and 3 governorships. (Actual results: Democrats gained 6 Senate seats, 30 House seats, and 6 Governors). I didn’t make any predictions then.

Since another election is looming, he’s made is his predictions for the elections, and in the interest of balance, I’ve made mine. And, since I’m probably going to lose the napkin I wrote them down on before November, I figured I’d record them here, so I know where I can find them, after the election.

So, here goes:

Chris’s Predictions

Republicans will gain 8 house seats, 2 governorships while the Senate will stay the same. McCain will become president, winning 36 states.

James’s Predictions:

Democrats will gain 10 House seats, 4 Senate seats, and 2 governorships. The Democrat will win the White House, winning 20 (mostly large) states.

Neither of us ventured a prediction on who will be the Democratic candidate. Chris wants Obama, because he thinks he has the best chance of winning. I want Clinton, because I think she’ll be the best president.