Fun Fact:To the Moon, Alice, to the Moon!

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I really should bring the subject matter here back around to computers…..

Lately (if you consider the last year & a half, “lately”), I’ve been working on a project on my laptop using VisualStudio (usually on the train to work). Every now & then, some action (like, say, highlighting a couple lines and pressing Ctrl-C to copy them), will cause VS to lock up for about 30 seconds, and then just pop back to life. I think it’s a bad interaction between a couple of VS addins, but whatever the cause, it does leave me wondering “What the F#@& is it doing?!?” This led to an idea, which after a bit of research, lead me to this:

In three minutes of hourglass-displaying spinning, my dual-core 1.87GHz laptop uses more CPU clock cycles then the entire six day Apollo 11 mission.