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Ya’know the song “Carry On, Our Wayward Son” by Kansas? OK, if you’re under 35 you probably don’t but it was a hit in 1976. Anyway, the opening lines of it are:

Once I rose above the noise and confusion.
Just to get a glimpse of Honest Illusion

Except they aren’t. That’s merely what I thought they were singing. It actually goes like this:

Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion

(You can hear a bit of the song — right up to just before the critical phrase– and even buy the album (Leftoverture) it if you like, on Amazon )

So, eventually – sometime in the mid’80’s or so– I finally figured out the correct lyrics. Which made me think about the line I thought it was. And it dawned on me that the concept of an “Honest Illusion” is a bit bizarre and interesting. And more importantly it was a bizarre and interesting idea that did not originate with Kerry Livgren of Kansas, but was all mine.

Naturally, as soon as I had an opportunity to grab up the domain name, I did. Then I had to think for a while to decide what to do with it. I already had a site with my resume and technical writings and stuff like that, so it just sat in my collection of unused domains, until I thought about creating a Blog, and the name just seemed a natural for it.