Dishonest Illusion.

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Well, a couple years ago, when I first thought about getting the domain,, I naturally first checked to see if anyone else was using the domain (which no one was), or using the term at all — and to my surprise – someone was.

It seems that one of romance writer Nora Roberts’s books is entitled Honest Illusions. Now, that was first published in 1992, and my claim to the term, as I’ve previously explained, goes back to 1976, so I’m still calling dibbs on it — but if she want to use the term to sell some books, I’m cool with that (mainly because I’m sure she can afford better lawyers than I can, and afterall, it was eleven years ago….)

Now, if you came here looking for information about Ms. Roberts’s book, you’ve come to the wrong place. But you can buy the book here: