Catching up....

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Yikes... It's been a month. Blog Home Still more from last month.... (the Britney Spears post)

Ok, so where was I in filling you in on what I did last month? Oh, yes. Thanksgiving.

Wait… I’ve got to go back a bit, On the 15th – after the NJTL meeting and the play (which were both in West Windsor, NJ), I thought about visiting my sister, since she lives in the next town. Unfortunately, I forgot to call her to mention what I was planning, until the intermission of the show. So, she got about an hour’s notice – at which time she told me she wasn’t going to be home, but she was going to her friend house for dinner – but it’s wouldn’t be a problem for me to go there.

So, when I arrived (OnStar providing assistance), Jean Marie was there with Casara, but also Fran was there with her daughters. Fran was Jean Marie’s housemate some years ago, and is now her sister-in-law. It’s way more complicated than this, but the simple explanation is the Jean met both Tom (her husband), and Fran through their sister Teri, who was Jean Marie’s roommate in college. Teri was there as well. And Liz, who’s house we were at (and who was making dinner) was also a roommate.

Fran had twin daughters (Jessica and um… Julie ) two weeks after Jean had Casara. I’ve got pictures of all of them. One day I’ll have them developed, scanned and uploaded.