Still more from last month.... (the Britney Spears post)

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OK, I’ll get to Thanksgiving soon. But I’ve still more it talk about from before that…

Going back to, I guess, Nov 14th, I saw Saturday Night Live on TV. I don’t watch it that often, so naturally, it was a repeat of a show I’d seen a few weeks earlier. I forget who the main guest was, but the musical guest was Britney Spears. However, the first time I saw it I fell asleep about 40 minutes into it — this time I saw the whole thing, which allowed me to confirm something that I’d suspect the first time: During her first song, she was lip-syncing it.

During the first song, she was doing a rather energetic dance piece the entire time, however, her voice never varied and there was no ambient sound from the room. There’s really just no way you can swing your head back & forth while singing, and not have it affected the sound. It seemed clear that what we heard was recorded in a studio when she was standing still. Finally seeing her second song convinced my of this, because this time she sang a slower song with no dancing and you could hear her taking breaths. This was clearly performed live, as you’d expect on the show.

And since we are on the subject of Britney, I might as well chime in on the other controversy about her – Did she have a boob job? I’m in the “No” camp, for a simple reason — they ain’t that big. If someone’s actually going to go under the knife for bigger breasts, they rarely settle for “slightly bigger”. Miss Spears’s appear to be merely the work of nature & a push-up bra.