Office Football pool

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Like pretty much every office in the country, mine has a pool of the Superbowl. Since we don’t have enough employee to fill 100 boxes, each person got four combinations. Mine are ` 6-0, 5-0, 1-7, 2-3`. (Patriot’s scores listed first). So, given that, here my prediction for the game:

1st Quarter : Patriots score a touchdown, but no extra point. Panther do not score (6-0)

2nd Quarter : Patriots score another touchdown, but without an extra point. Panther score a field goal (12-3)

3rd Quarter : Patriots a field goal, Panthers score a touchdown with an extra point (15-10)

4th Quarter : Patriots score yet another touchdown without an extra point, Pather score a TD with an extra point (21-17)

###And I take the entire pot…….

(Subtitling for those unfamilar for American Football: Football has a number of different ways to score points with the two most important ones being a touchdown (running or throwing the ball to a receiver, in the endzone; worth 6 points), and a field goal (kicking the ball through the posts; worth 3 points). After a touchdown, the team may try for an “extra point“ which is a lot like a field goal (but worth 1 point). In the poll, each person is given two randomly selected digits, which represent the units digit of each team’s score after each quarter. Whoever’s digits match the actual score at the end of each quarter, wins a share of the pot.)