ESTAFest 2004 - Day 2 (Morning)

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After breakfast, I went over to the college for the morning workshop session. Actually, this one was a repeat of the one I came in at the end of yesterday: “Script Analyst: Understanding the playwright’s scenario” by Ward Dales, who is one of the adjudicators. I thought it was kind-a interesting, considering I don’t act or direct, and it was for directors dealing with actors.

In the next session, I attended a workshop on taking a show on the road, by Joe Musumeci, the other adjudicator. This was also fun, although it had even less relevance to me — everyone else enjoyed it because they had to pack up at least one show to bring it here to the festival.

After lunch came the first play of the day, Fin and Euba, presented by the Silver Spring Stage of Maryland. The author is a member of the troupe & played Fin. The action takes place on a front porch in the Florida panhandle, and largely concerned two friends desires to leave that place conflicting with their reluctance to leave the safety of it. It was the shortest play I’d seen at a festival, running only 27 minutes (they’re allowed to take up to an hour).