ESTAFest Day 3

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Sorry, I guess I left you hanging there…..

Sunday, we had the final performance, “Harriet” by the Serenity Players of Washington, DC. Originally a one-women monologue about Harriet Tubman, they added a second woman, who performed a couple hymns (Tubman was given the talk at a church revival meeting, so it worked).

After that we broke for lunch, and started handicapping the race. Most felt that “Fin & Euba” was in the lead. I felt “Harriet” should be second, and either “Art” or “The Daughter-in-Law” third, but the adjudicators seemed to like “Double Date”, so it might sneak in. In other words, I’d eliminated “The Curtain Call of the Wild”, and thought everything else had a chance.

So, who did win what ?

  • Excellence in Costumes: “Daughter-in-law” (NJ)
  • Excellence in Costumes: “The Curtain Call of the Wild” (DE)
  • Excellence in Costumes: “Harriet” (DC)
  • Excellence in Set Dressing: “Daughter-in-law” (NJ)
  • Excellence in Makeup: “Daughter-in-law” (NJ)
  • Excellence in Sound: “Fin & Euba” (MD)
  • Excellence in Scenery:”Fin & Euba” (MD)
  • Excellence in Technical Design:”Fin & Euba” (MD)
  • Excellence in Direction:”Fin & Euba” (MD)
  • Excellence in Original Script: “Fin & Euba” (Audrey Cefaly)
  • Excellence in Ensemble Timing: “Double Date” (NY)
  • Excellence in Ensemble Acting: “The Curtain Call of the Wild” (DE)
  • Excellence in Acting:
  • Erika Imhoof (Euba) “Fin & Euba”
  • Audrey Cefaly (Fin) “Fin & Euba”
  • Marlene C. Stevene (Harriet) “Harriet”
  • Matt Regan (Tom) “Curtain Call of the Wild”
  • Mary O’Connor (Joan) “Double Date”
  • Gary Simon (Paul) “Double Date”
  • Thomas Wells Putnam (Serge) “Art”
  • Stage Manager’s Award: (tie) “Double Date” (NY), “The Curtain Call of the Wild” (DE)
  • 2nd Runner Up: “Harriet”
  • 1st Runner Up: “Double Date” (NY)
  • Outstanding Production:”Fin & Euba” (MD)

Photos available at (gallery down for time being)